Choosing the right style Christening Gown

Traditions and the time of the year you are planning your child's Christening can determine the final decision in choosing the right style of Christening Gown. Christening Gown styles have come a long way since the traditional full length white gown the Victorians introduced us to. Taking into consideration the fit, style and accessories can be great fun, if not a little overwhelming with all the choice available.  

Using the best materials for your Christening Gown


Finding a unique Christening gift

The christening of a child is one of the most important social ceremonies any young family can experience, and it’s a day of celebration for the baby’s parents, Godparents and other members of the family.At this time, the baby is too young to keep any memories relating to the big day, so it is up to the parents and the family of the child to make sure that there are plenty of things to look back on when the child gets older. Look Mummy has this covered with many beautiful personalised gifts!

Well-planned Christening gifts are usually welcome surprises! 


Get the complete Christening outfit from Christening gowns to personalised shoes with Look Mummy

Look Mummy specialise in Christening gowns but we also offer so much more. Look Mummy is a family run business based in Rushden in Northamptonshire. All of your baby's clothes are individually made by hand by highly skilled craftsmen with many years of experience. This means you get something as uniquely special as the occasion itself.

Perfect Christening Gown for a Summer Christening? 

Look Mummy have you covered for a complete Christening outfit for your baby on their special day.


Personalised Christening Gifts

Personalised Christening Gifts

Need ideas for Personalised Christening Gifts?

Look Mummy are here to help if you are getting stuck on deciding on a choice of unique personalised christening gifts that will become a timeless keepsake. 
By making the gift personal to the baby or to the family makes it all that much more special to document personal details of the baby or event at to freeze that moment in time. 

Look Mummy is a family run business based in Rushden in Northamptonshire. Our workmanship is unsurpassed producing the finest quality shoes, shawls, bibs, gowns, dresses and romper suits. 


Christenings, naming ceremonies, naming days and blessings

As a parent we have a great responsibility to raise our children in the best way possible, and we strive to give them a betterfuture than we did. Handing that responsibility over to someone is a serious commitment and deciding on a Christening, naming ceremony, naming day or blessing for our children, and who we should entrust with the rights of godparent or guardian, or even if we should not have any of these options at all. No matter what you decide, it will be right for you, your family and your little one. 

Christening Bib

christening bib

Deciding to get your child Christened is a very special thing.

Getting the day planned is very exciting. We understand that the list of things that have to be done is very long, from choosing godparents to getting food ready for the party after.

Do not worry


Baby Shawls for Christenings and Other Special Events

When you first find out that you are expecting, you start to plan ahead for the things you will need and the exciting things you will do with them as a family. 

We know that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that one size never fits all, and with this in mind we have a gorgeous selection of baby shawls which can be personalised to make it extra special or left for every special event. 

Christening Wear

Starting your own traditions.

Christening wear come with many traditions. Up until the seventeenth century, young babies were tightly wrapped in swaddling clothes and carried to the font in a “bearing cloth”. This was a large square piece of silk, edged with trimmings of gold lace and braid.
The Christening robe, as we know it today, evolved in the mid-eighteenth century when babies were freed of swaddling at an earlier age. In white silk, the earliest surviving examples have a front opening which was either fastened with ribbon ties or left open to show a petticoat beneath. The decorative curving lines of braid are similar to those applied to women’s gowns of the period

Personalised baby shoes

The Christmas festive season is upon us.

It is clear to say that now days our babies and toddlers have amazing wardrobes. An outfit for every occasion for their busy social life of visiting everyone. Shoes being a massive part of that. Why not take this opportunity to add to that collection by gifting your baby with some personalised baby shoes to really complete the outfit.  Check out these beautiful little red personalised baby shoes for her first Christmas day.