Three Rose Ballet Christening Shoes

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Bespoke Products

All of your babies clothes are individually made by hand by highly skilled craftsmen with many years of experience. This means you get something as uniquely special as the occasion itself.

Genuine Keepsakes

We only use the strongest silk and satin materials, which ensures your child's outfit will have that same look of quality in many years' time.

Optional Personalisation

You can make your baby's day extra special by adding a personal touch to your christeningwear.

Beautifully Handmade Christening Shoes, available in White Satin and Ivory Silk
If it is not a christening tell us what sort of ceremony
You can have Location/Special message OR Godparents Names
You can have Location/Special message OR Godparents Names

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Three Rose Ballet Shoe

  • Available in ivory silk and white satin
  • Can be personalised or unpersonalised
  • Beautifully hand crafted
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Available in a range of different sizes

These baby christening shoes have been beautifully hand crafted using high quality materials. They are made with ivory silk or white satin with a lace trim and have satin ties. Silk and satin are very strong, natural materials. This means the product is long lasting, the ideal keep sake from your child's special day. Each shoe has been carefully hand crafted to the highest of quality by our skilled craftsmen with many years of experience. These shoes can also be personalised with detailed embroidery or unpersonalised. Perfect for your baby's special day. This product is available in ivory silk and white satin. All shoes come in a presentation bag. The shoes are personalised with the name of the baby, the date, the church and with a special message. One of the shoes has the name and the date. The other has the church name and the special message.